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The Attorney General could not legally pursue charges against Governor Cuomo after investigating allegations

After Attorney General Letitia James released the report that founded accusations made against Governor Cuomo for sexual harassment, that was as much as she could legally do.

She was given a referral in February from the Governor’s Office to open a civil inquiry, making it so she would never have been able to pursue criminal charges.

In the final report, James wrote that while it was found that the Governor did commit unlawful sexual harassment, they were mot saying whether the behavior was enough to, or should result in criminal prosecution.

Upon conclusion of her investigation, James made it clear lawmakers and district attorneys would decide the next steps to take.

There are now up to five district attorneys looking into the allegations that took place in their counties.

The counties that have requested documents from James’ investigation include Manhattan, Albany, Westchester, Nassau and Oswego.

Cuomo is sticking to his claim that he did nothing wrong, and his lawyer states that he barley knew the woman who officially filed criminal charges last week.