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Yankees release 2022 schedule

New York will open the 2022 season on the road and play against the two AL West clubs from Texas. The Yankees start with a four-game series against the Rangers (March 31-April 3) and then remain in the Lone Star State for a three-game series against the Astros (April 4-6). The Yankees then have their home opener against their biggest rival, the Red Sox (April 7-10). After that, they play a tough four-game series (April 11-14) against the Blue Jays. You want to see Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani at the Stadium? The Yankees host the Angels for a three-game series from May 31-June 2. Don’t forget the Yankees play NL clubs, starting with the Reds (July 12-14). Yes, the Mets are part of the schedule. The two New York clubs play each other in a two-game series at the stadium starting Aug. 22. During the final month of the season, the Yankees will play mostly AL East clubs, but they will also see action against the Twins, Brewers and Pirates.