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Mets’ Luis Rojas called team meeting Wednesday: ‘It was a really good talk’

Before the Mets take the field looking to bounce back against the Miami Marlins on Wednesday night, manager Luis Rojas took an opportunity in the afternoon to hold a meeting with his team.

Speaking during his typical pregame call with reporters, Rojas explained that his message with the team was to get back to the basics of what got the Mets in first place to begin with, while taking time to get “connected” with his team as well.

“I had a little talk with them. We talked a little bit about hitting before then, and yeah, I had a little talk with the team,” Rojas said. “Nothing like a rah-rah meeting or anything. It’s just getting connected as the family we are.

“Let’s keep trusting, let’s have fun out there, all those things. Not being repetitive, but just bringing up some points of us maybe falling behind in games early, what does that mean? There are different games out there, but our attitudes don’t change. It felt kind of (along) those themes, and it was all good. It was a really good talk amongst us.

With Tuesday’s loss — the team’s seventh in their last 10 games — the Mets are now just 1.5 games ahead of the Philadelphia Phillies for first place in the NL East.

And while the results haven’t been there, Rojas said he sees all of the players competing at their best each and every night, and he still has plenty of faith in this group.

“I think the guys are out there working hard,” Rojas said. “I mean, we’re in August, so I don’t think everyone’s 100 percent, but they’re playing hard. They’re giving their everything right now for the team. I did feel like we got quiet for a bit yesterday in the dugout, but that changed really quick, because I think a lot of guys have the ability to pick up each other in the dugout and a lot of guys have the ability to bounce back.

“Some things happen on the field that we don’t expect. This game is unpredictable at times, and we’ve got to know that. As humans, sometimes you get caught and you have your share of emotions, but that’s why I say that this is a special group, because they pick each other up.”

Carlos Carrasco takes the mound on Wednesday night, as the Mets look to get back in the win column. First pitch is set for 7:10 p.m. on SNY.