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Home » Chris Marquart » Geneva teacher publishes children’s book, “Berry the Parrot”

Geneva teacher publishes children’s book, “Berry the Parrot”

A local educator has published a children’s book titled, “Berry the Parrot.”

Wilson “Corky” DeYulio has been an educator, fitness trainer, football player, journalist and now author.

His inspiration came from Ray Bentley, Buffalo Bills linebacker from 1985-1991, because he also wrote children’s books.

DeYulio wrote the book 25 years ago and periodically would submit it for publication, and this year it was published by Ideal Press thanks to a tip from the Finger Lakes Times Executive Editor Mike Cutillo.

The publishing company has also published Cutillo’s work, a book titled “George Washing Machine, Portables and Submarine Races: My Italian-American Life.”

“Berry the Parrot” is a story about a parrot that wishes to leave its home and venture into the world, facing different experiences and emotions.

DeYulio said that his book is a labor of love, and applicable to both children and adults.