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How to create the ultimate gaming room

If you’re really into playing video games, you probably dream of having a dedicated gaming room. And why shouldn’t you have one? Book lovers want to have a cozy home library, fitness enthusiasts build home gyms, and people who like crafts also create spaces to enjoy their hobby.

Plus, these days, gaming has taken on new dimensions. It’s much more than a hobby. It’s a world where things like age, social class, and cultural background no longer matter.

A gaming room would be the perfect oasis where you can destress after a long day at work.

The best part is you don’t even need that much space as long as it’s enough to fit your gaming setup. The basement or a small spare room will do just fine.

Your gaming room design should be both comfortable and practical – a place where you can relax and recharge and where you can let your personality shine. There should be enough room to fit your gaming setup and other essentials such as comfortable furniture and cool lighting.

You’ll, of course, want to include some stylish and futuristic accessories to turn it into the ultimate geek pad to compliment a great game server host. There are no set rules, but we hope that our short guide will help you turn your dream into the perfect gamer’s sanctuary.

Gaming Room Lighting

Let’s start with lighting because this aspect is often neglected until you actually start playing, and it feels like something is missing. Before you start looking for lighting fixtures, you need to know the basics and have a plan. To get an idea of your options, you can check out Lepro lighting fixtures and look for inspiration from other gamers. There are a ton of YouTube videos with gamers showing off their gaming rooms and giving recommendations.

The next step is to pick out the colors. You can find a lot of LED lights that can change colors and can be controlled via apps.

The final step is to choose placement. The most popular are on the ceiling and behind the gaming equipment since this creates the most immersive experience. You don’t want the room lighting to dampen the light from the screens.

For both options, you’ll need LED strip lights which you can find at They’re easy and quick to install, but their overall effect is phenomenal.

Gaming Chair

You’ll be spending a lot of time in your gaming chair, so you want to make sure you choose one that doesn’t just look cool but is also very comfortable.

You might be tempted to either buy the less expensive ones on special offer or buy a really expensive one thinking that it must mean its good quality. Both strategies are not ideal. We recommend you do a bit of research since there are many things to consider like ergonomics, adjustability, materials, size, style, aesthetics, and obviously budget.

Good quality gaming chairs share many of the qualities of good quality office chairs, but they have additional features like built-in speakers and even massage functions. They need to be the pinnacle of comfort with a cutting-edge design.

If you prefer to play games on a console, you will need a different type of chair. PC gamers like to have their monitors close to eye level, while console gamers use floor gaming chairs and elevated TVs since this configuration offers a more relaxed gaming experience.

In that case, you have two options: rocker and floor chair. By floor chairs, we mean bean bags or variations that involve large and soft cushions. Rockers are at the next level. They’re a cross between an ergonomically sound desk chair and a bean bag. They’re L-shaped, and because of their structure, they offer better support. They can also be reclined and rock back and forth.

Gaming Desk

You don’t have to be as particular when it comes to choosing your gaming desk. What matters most is that the desk fits in your space and works with your height. You might think that you can adjust the height of your chair so the height of the desk isn’t that important, but if you raise it or lower it too much, it will put your legs at an angle that will become uncomfortable after a time, taking away from your gaming experience.

You also want the desk to be large enough to accommodate your monitors, keyboard, mouse, and other gaming accessories. There are ways to save space. For example, you can use monitor mounts.

Other features to look for are a built-in cable management system, drawers, and shelves for your gear, and cup holders so you can stay hydrated without risking spills.

You can go for a simple rectangular desk, and if you want more space, you can get an L-shaped desk. For even more surface area, you can go for a U-shaped desk.

In terms of materials, metal and real wood provide the best durability.

Console gamers will need a TV stand, or they can mount the TV on the wall. However, having a TV stand will provide storage room for consoles, controllers, headsets, chargers, and other accessories. It will be much easier to keep your gaming room clutter-free.

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Sound is an essential aspect of the gaming experience. It raises the tension and builds excitement. So you need to have either great speakers or great headphones.

Even if you use headphones, your gaming room will get quite loud since you’ll be screaming out of frustration or happiness. This will eventually annoy the people you share your home with and your neighbors.

The solution is to soundproof your gaming room with drywall made specifically for this purpose or acoustic panels. The advantage of the second option is that you can do it by yourself.

There’s another accessory you’ll need if you’re a PC gamer: monitor mounts. We already mentioned monitor mounts in the previous section. They don’t just save space on your desk. Monitor mounts allow you to set up multiple monitors at just the right angles to avoid neck strain even after many hours of playing.

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