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DEC is accepting applications for sponsored pheasant hunts

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos today announced that DEC is accepting applications for sponsored pheasant hunts. Sponsored hunts are free, non-competitive events coordinated by a group, club, individual, or organization to benefit youth, women, first-time hunters, veterans, and people with disabilities. As part of the program, DEC provides up to 50 propagated pheasants to each sponsoring organization free of charge.

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“For many years, DEC’s Reynolds Game Farm has provided pheasants for sponsored hunts, which are a great way for new hunters of all abilities to learn first-hand about hunting ethics and safety,” Commissioner Seggos said. “Sponsored pheasant hunts are also an opportunity for experienced hunters to share their knowledge with the next generation, strengthening New York’s hunting culture and traditions.”

In addition to the pheasants reared for fall stocking throughout New York State, DEC’s Reynolds Game Farm in Ithaca raises 2,000 pheasants each year for sponsored hunts. Volunteers are key to this program’s success. In a sponsored hunt, dedicated local hunters share their expertise with beginners in a supportive environment.

Program requirements and applications are available for download on DEC’s website. Applications must be received by Reynolds Game Farm no later than Sept. 1, 2021. Successful applicants will be notified via phone. If an application is approved, sponsors are required to arrange with the Reynolds Game Farm to coordinate a delivery time, date, and location.

Organizers of sponsored hunts should be prepared to follow State guidelines for social gatherings to minimize COVID-19 risks. For more information, visit the New York State Department of Health website.

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