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New study with Cornell offers hopeful solution for combating opioid misuse

A new research initiative through Cornell Cooperative Extension will help families when it comes to fighting opioid misuse.

Cornell is working with families in drug treatment courts to see how interventions to support parents and children suffering with opioid misuse are affecting family and child outcomes.

One researcher stated that children from the age of new born all the way up to teenagers are negatively affected.

Data shows one in twelve residents of New York is somehow impacted by opioids.

Increases in opioid misuse as well as child maltreatment between 2006 and 2016 have increased in Central NY, the Finger Lakes, and the Southern Tier.

The two factors that drive these issues are both synthetic drugs and the community itself with economic and social barriers than fuel the distress.

A solution has been found that can be implemented in two generations: focusing on the individual with the opioid misuse as well as the family members connected to them.

The key is to focus on a family’s strengths, not their deficits.

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