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New York’s rent relief program for landlords, tenants opens up

A new application process for New York’s rent relief program will relax documentation requirements for tenants and landlords.

That was the message from Gov. Andrew Cuomo this week, as he announced a goal of being current for all pending verified applications by the end of August.

The new application process opened on Tuesday. Both Democrats and Republicans have criticized the state for its slow rollout of pandemic-related aid for renters and landlords.

New York has received $2.6 billion in federal aid for rent relief, but only about $100 million has been set aside.

“The COVID pandemic has taken a tremendous toll on New Yorkers all across the State, and they need rental assistance now,” Cuomo said. “The $2.7 billion Rental Assistance Program is already providing funding to some of our most vulnerable residents who were prioritized during the first 30 days of the application process, and now we must focus on delivering funds to the remaining applicants. To streamline this process, I’ve directed OTDA to work with their vendor to disburse payments as quickly and efficiently as possible we can deliver billions of dollars in rental assistance to New Yorkers who have been struggling to pay rent due to no fault of their own.”