Cuomo calls for communities to mandate COVID vaccine: Finger Lakes leaders push back, citing low infection numbers

While state and federal officials ramp up pressure for local governments to get residents vaccinated against COVID-19, those in the Finger Lakes are taking a laid back approach.

“I think the localities should take this very seriously and I would urge them to take significant action, now,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said Monday. “Now.”

This comes as some municipalities like larger cities across the country are forcing employees to get the vaccine. Some have said that residents are the next step in those places- as the Delta Variant spreads more aggressively.

Ontario County Administrator says the county is following CDC guidance. They aren’t going to force anyone to get the shot or shots. Wayne County Administrator Rick House said there has been no discussion about mandatory shots there- especially as case count remains low.

Still state leaders say it’s time for swift action.

“We have to convince people, and put them in a car and drive them and get that vaccine in their arm,” Cuomo added in his Monday briefing. “That is the mission.”

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