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Local leaders surprised as U.S. announces plans to keep Canadian border closed

While Americans were happy to hear about Canada finally opening the border, the United States announced soon after that the U.S. border would remain closed.

The announcement banning all non-essential travel from Canada until at least August 21 came Wednesday.

While the border remained closed and local leaders were frustrated over the impact it had on the economy and those living close to the border, their anger was aimed at the Canadian government.

With the U.S. deciding to keep the border closed until late August, that ends most of what would have been summer tourism from Canadians.

Garry Douglas, President of the North Country Chamber of Commerce, expressed his frustration in Canada choosing to open the border but the U.S. keeping it closed.

He, as well as many local leaders in Vermont, New York, and New Hampshire felt blindsided by the decision.

Businesses that depend on Canadian tourism continue to suffer as they lose not only summer business, but employees.

Businesses aren’t the only thing suffering; families are feeling the strain too.

Heather Kienle, a U.S. citizen from New York, is living in Montreal with her husband and child as her mother battles cancer.

Despite her and her husband both being fully vaccinated, only she as a U.S. citizen can visit her mother.