The influence of modern society on same-sex couples’ life

Despite the need to fit in with modern-day popular culture both collectively and individually, the balance between traditional values and current trends varies across life. We look at the effect this contrast has on same-sex relationships.

Homophobia in modern society

There is no doubt that despite the advances in awareness and proactive thinking towards inclusion, homophobia is still rife in large parts of the world. Global acceptance is not going to happen overnight, and there will be a lot more work involved, further battles, and more tears shred before everyone is on an even playing field. Discrimination exists in all walks of life. This can occur even on dating sites, whether the target audience is homosexual dating, transgender dating, lesbian dating, or anything that is perceived as not conventional in some people’s eyes. Thankfully, some platforms are LGBT+ exclusive, so to avoid discrimination, it’s best to use services without “that” kind of straight people there.

Huge strides have been made, and many attitudes have been altered, including naive and ignorant to the uneducated and unaware. Gay clubs are a part of most cities and can form the heartbeat of various communities in smaller areas. Integrating places such as these is a big part of how modern society has evolved and will continue to adapt to alternative living choices and personal preferences. Lesbian dating is no longer a big deal, and less and less criticism is thrown in its direction despite the inevitable homophobic slurs from a minority of people. Nothing is perfect, but progress is progress and should not be sniffed at.

What makes lesbian couples special?

The challenge for anyone in a same-sex relationship has for a long time been to get ‘regular’ folk to accept their circumstances and choices and not treat them any differently. So, highlighting anything special about lesbian couples may seem contradictory to the overall objective. That said, lesbian couples have a unique relationship that does differentiate them from other couples, especially if they have met on a dating site.

It can be difficult to describe to someone the bond between two people that have shared the same hardship. This can apply to shared grief, shared a similar dysfunctional upbringing, or faced shared discrimination. Lesbian couples have a special bond from the adversity they have both likely faced on their journey to finding themselves and finding each other. Being able to swap stories and experiences whilst relating to one another’s views and feelings towards these can really bind people for life.

Online dating is a perfect example of this; before advanced algorithms were in place with set filters and comprehensive security settings for personal preferences, it could be a challenging environment for a lesbian. The likelihood is that they would have been hit on by men, which is not only annoying from a time-wasting perspective but it also made lesbians susceptible to abuse when rejecting these non-suitors. The vulnerability of being in that position can be stressful for some and may take time to overcome the torrent of abuse subjected to them by the men they rightly rejected.

Luckily, through society’s evolution and, more importantly for online dating, technological advancements have now made online dating a safe environment for lesbians looking for love. They are now free to explore and express themselves as individuals in the hope of finding suitable recipients in a similar position.

Private and social life

The modern world does not have global acceptance for same-sex couples, but there are more and more options for those in a homosexual relationship than ever before. Simple things as not being stared at and frowned upon when holding hands or cuddling whilst out and about are more commonplace. Significant steps for marriage and same-sex adoption have been put in place, so the inclusivity of modern society is certainly more accommodating than in years gone by.

These aspects have taken homophobia by the scruff, and whilst they have not eliminated them, they are at least standing up to them and laying the foundations for a more even platform. Improvements like these, the rise in online dating for lesbians, and regular events and movements, including celebrations such as Pride, allow private and social lives to exist with some sort of comfort and normality.

Online dating for lesbians maintains a healthy balance between keeping privacy intact whilst enabling a discreet social life to be nurtured adequately before being exposed into the big bad world. Bonds can be created, feelings solidified and both personal and relationship questions answered before any prying eyes are upon you. This kind of exclusivity is hard to achieve with conventional dating, and more often than not, someone’s opinion or influence can thwart a budding romance in its infancy. Online dating provides security via an online bubble between you and your partner, whoever they may be. It can just be the two of you until you are ready to face the world.