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State officials grapple with best way to handle rising number of Covid-19 cases

While Los Angeles has reinstated the mask mandate, Mayor Bill de Blasio has said he will not following suit as lawmakers call on the City to follow Los Angeles’ lead.

De Blasio stated that the root of the problem is not masks, but vaccines, and he plans to crack down on them.

With a 167% increase in COVID-19 cases per 100,000 population statewide over the past two weeks, Senator Liz Krueger is urging residents to voluntarily wear masks again.

Dr. Dave Chokshi, New York City Health Commissioner says that the variant is concerning, but the bigger concern is unvaccinated individuals.

Covid stated that after a year of containing the spread of Covid-19 during the pandemic, people are now being told that it is a pandemic among individuals who are not vaccinated.

In the state of New York, cases have risen 56% with 6,194 new cases reported. The previous week had 3,970 new cases reported.

As testing remained below 1% for months, on Sunday it reached around 1.2%.

The variant accounted for 69% of new cases in New York City from a sampling sequence. The numbers could be higher because the data is coming from samples chosen at random.

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