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Famous bust of Susan B. Anthony’s lawyer will be on display at Ontario County Courthouse

A well-known bust of John Van Voorhis, the lead defense attorney at Susan B. Anthony’s trial, will be moved to the Ontario County Courthouse in Canandaigua.

The Ontario County Courthouse is where Anthony was tried and convicted for voting in 1873.

Ruth Ely, the great-granddaughter of Van Voorhis currently has the statue and decided in needed to find a better home after she and her husband decided to move into a smaller home.

The bust of Ely’s great-grandfather was sculpted by her grandfather, Robert Lee MacCameron.

MacCameron was a famous artist and originally from Chicago. He came to the area specifically to paint Van Voorhis’ portrait, and fell in love with his daughter at the same time.

They married and lived between Paris and the United States for nine years, and Ely’s father was born in Paris.

The bust was created during one of MacCameron’s visits to Rochester.

The bust as well as any relating documentation will be donated to the county.