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Bills teammate sent home due to COVID-19, Cole Beasley says on Twitter

Bills receiver Cole Beasley revealed Tuesday that a vaccinated teammate was sent home from the team facility Monday due to COVID-19. The Bills have not yet commented on the matter.

Rookies were scheduled to report for training camp Tuesday, ahead of the veteran player report date next week. Other players, including those rehabbing injuries, have had access to the facility. The first training camp practice is next Wednesday, July 28.

Beasley has drawn widespread scrutiny on social media this offseason for his steadfast commitment to remain unvaccinated, which is often accompanied by misinformation. ProFootballTalk recently labelled him “the unofficial leader of the NFL’s anti-vaxx movement.”

Bills coach Sean McDermott has publicly tiptoed around the issue, saying he respects everyone’s opinion but expects players will “make good decisions” to get the team above the 85% vaccination threshold, which reduces the NFL’s COVID restrictions inside team facilities. But McDermott has already spoken with Beasley about social media once this summer and could change his tune after Beasley’s latest tweetstorm.

One of Beasley’s latest tweets drew the attention of billionaire sports owner Mark Cuban, who offered Beasley a financial incentive to get vaccinated against the virus that has killed more than 600,000 Americans.

“I’ll get vaccinated and be an advocate for it if Pfizer puts a percentage of its earnings from the vaccine in my wife’s name,” Beasley tweeted Tuesday, before saying later that he wasn’t literal.

Cuban offered to take Beasley up on the offer with a share of Pfizer stock.

Beasley said in January that getting away from social media was one of the biggest reasons for his success. Reminded of those comments Tuesday, Beasley said he would get off social media once the season starts.