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Spike in alcohol consumption during pandemic related to spike in alcohol related cancers

While Covid-19 caused many different issues for individuals, one of them included an increase in the consumption of alcohol and binge drinking.

Alcohol is the 4th leading cause of death in the country with many alcohol related deaths involving drunk driving.

A new study shows that 4% of new cases of cancer from the year 2020 are related to the consumption of alcohol.

Men accounted for three quarters of the cancer related to alcohol while women’s cancers were mostly breast cancer.

While most of these cases were due to heavy or risky drinking, over 100,000 of them were related to moderate consumption.

The chemical causing the cancer is called Ethanol, which turns into acetaldehyde. It causes damages to DNA, stops bodies from repairing cells, and gives room for cancer to grow.

The cases in the study didn’t include well known alcohol related cancers like pancreatic and stomach.

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