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Auburn Farmers Co-Op Market business is doing well

Business for the Auburn Farmers Co-Op Market is proving to be just as successful this year as last year.

Ron Schalck of Six Pints Farms said that the turnout was higher than last year, while others either didn’t bring their food last year due to the pandemic, or think the turnout is about the same.

Many vendors believe the turnout to be strong because with the pandemic, many of their customers did not want to be indoors when they could purchase their food outside while social distancing.

Emily Schalck, Ron’s daughter, stated that their product was not only similar in price to big box stores, but customers can purchase their food with the knowledge that it was picked fresh yesterday.

Customers express that they not only want to support the local businesses, but that they love the fresh food.

Auburn Farmer’s Market hours of operation are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

They’re located across from Curly’s Restaurant at 96 State Street in Auburn.