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The Sand Bar in Canandaigua closes to the public, only serving hotel guests

Beginning today, July 11, the Sand Bar at the Lake House on Canandaigua will be open for hotel guests only.

Visitors who go to the bar will be asked if they are guests of the hotel and may need to provide proof before being seated.

Simon Dewar, general manager of the resort, said the decision to restrict the number of people allowed was no easy decision.

The reason for this decision is that the establishment simply doesn’t have enough staff to accommodate serving both hotel guests and the general public.

Dewar said that this temporary measure will give them time to reassess and the key is to become completely staffed.

Dewar explained that several things have been done to attempt to fix the issue, including job fairs and employee referral programs that include bonuses for their current employees.

While the hotel said this was a temporary measure, Facebook comments on the business’s announcement showed the community’s frustration.

In 2019 the business received a tax break due to the pandemic, at the cost of city residents.

“Is anybody else slightly annoyed that the Lake House got great big tax breaks from the City,” said Candi Campbell Smith, a Canandaigua resident, “and we taxpayers who are funding those tax breaks aren’t allowed in?”

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While residents expressed frustration, Jessica McCormick of Canandaigua, shared that the Sand Bar has a terrible tip system in place.

She explained that after working 60-70 hours a week there last season she only received less than 50% of the tips she brought in as a server. She also said she would work ten hour shifts with no breaks.

She explained that their issues with maintaining staff isn’t due to the pandemic, but the poor treatment of their employees.