5 best and cheap essay writing services in the USA

Deadline is fast approaching, but you still don’t know how to get your school assignment done ASAP. All you are thinking of is getting an essay writing service provider to produce high-quality assignments for you. The essay you get will guide you to come up with unique content before the time runs out!

We have good news for you. We conducted extensive research on your behalf to gather the best and cheap essay writing services in the USA that can provide answers to your needs. Irrespective of your requirement, any of the services are trusted and dependable. In case you decide to ask for help, you have to look at essay writing service reviews for full assurance that your essay will be done perfectly.

Are you wondering why they are the best? The answer is not far-fetched. The following are the selection criteria we used to handpick the best essay writing services for you.

5 Best Cheap Essay Writing Services Reviewed

  1. Paperhelp

  2. Evolutionwriters

  3. Writemyessay

  4. 99papers

  5. Speedypaper

How we choose the Companies

Quality Delivery

Assessment of these cheap essay writing websites begins with the essay quality. We understand that you want nothing but the best essay, so we choose these services based on writers’ command of the English language.

Professional writers understand the dos and don’ts of essay writing and the application of punctuations.

Quick Delivery

As good as delivering a high-quality essay, time-consciousness is an essential factor. Essay writing for students needs to be within the stipulated time to avoid late submission.

Delivering on time offers students the time to read through the essay, enabling them to ascertain that it meets the requirement.

Low Pricing

Cost-effectiveness is one of the primary criteria we used to select essay writing companies. Low pricing does not necessarily imply you will get poor essays delivered. There are cheap essay writing companies that charge fair prices to produce top-notch content.

Customer Care Services

The work is not complete at the point of delivering the essay. Students may have questions or complaints after getting their essays. Therefore, the essay writing companies need to be available to answer client’s queries.

Customer care should be in place to attend to students’ requests whenever the situation calls for it.

The essay writing companies chosen in this article ticked all the boxes above. They offer cost-effective and high-quality essays without losing track of delivery time. You rest assured of a swift response in case you need help with your paper.

Best and Cheap Essay Writing Services Reviews

  1. PaperHelp

Paperhelp is a top-notch writing company with writers always on guard to attend to your essay needs. It is one of the most accessible writing services you can use for essays. We can vouch for their services any time because their hiring criteria have proven to be effective with their delivery. To become a writer, you must pass the grammar & writing test before getting an invitation for an online interview. Only writers that get beyond the interview stage will be placed under a month’s supervision with active involvement in writing to meet clients’ essay needs.

Paperhelp possesses writers that can handle different essay writing requirement. Its services follow a simple process – place your order, track the progress, and get a paper sample. Prices offered by Paperhelp are student-friendly because they consider clients’ financial status. We are glad to tell you that Paperhelp works with time and will get your essay ready within 3 hours of placing an order.

If you decide to use Paperhelp, you should be prepared to pay additional fees for other services apart from the writing fee.


  • Individualized writing approach

  • Plagiarism-free essays

  • Quick delivery within 3 hours

  • Secure payment processing.

  • 24/7 Customer support


  • You pay more for ENL writers

  • VIP services attract additional cost

  • Plagiarism check attracts additional cost

  1. Evolutionwriters

This company is famous for taking on writing challenges irrespective of the difficulty. Just like the name sounds, Evolutionwriters can make you a better-performing student with their essay writing services. What makes this company one of our top picks is their adaptation to ever-changing academic requirements. Therefore, there is a guarantee that you will survive college without issues.

Evolutionwriters delivers 100% unique papers to high school and college students with strict adherence to the writing requirements. Their degreed writers show passion for what they do. So you can expect nothing below the highest quality delivery.


  • Freebies with every order

  • Full Confidentiality

  • High-quality & Expertise

  • On-time delivery (3 hours)

  • Quick adaptation to ever-changing academic requirements


  • Most writers are ESL

  • Statistics not clear

  • ENL writers cost more

  1. Writemyessays

From school assignments to university projects, Writemyessays remains a one-stop solution offering top-notch writing services. Their value proposition is based on the ideology that they were once a student. That is why they work with student’s tight budgets without jeopardizing quality. So, you rest assured of high-quality writing services over the amount paid.

Writemyessays shows a lot of commitment in terms of satisfying their clients’ writing needs. Their strict admission policy guarantees that only professional writers get an opportunity to join their team. This is a way of assuring excellence regardless of assignments complexity.


  • Stress-free experience

  • Reasonable quality-price ratio

  • Possess a team of enthusiastic professionals

  • Variety of writing services

  • Timely Delivery


  • No special features

  • Needs to update services offered

  1. 99Papers

99Papers’ platform is home to high-quality essay writing services, with over 700 writers providing students answers to their assignment needs. What makes 99papers unique is the opportunity they offer clients to request a specific writer for their order. Expert writers and editors on 99papers have completed over 600,000 orders.

They offer premium features such as proofreading, plagiarism check, and title page for free. This implies that you are paying less to get more when you use 99papers writing services. For quality assurance, there are samples that every client can review before placing their order.


  • Affordable writing services

  • 5% bonus on first orders

  • Premium features for free

  • Money-back guarantee

  • Custom writing services


  • ENL writers attract more charges

  • Ambiguous statistics

  1. Speedy Paper

More than 50,000 students use Speedy Paper, making it one of the famous essay writing services available for student assignments. Irrespective of your writing needs, Speedy Paper’s comprehensive order page has the right option for you. The quality of their services emanates from the fact that they follow requirements strictly.

With 174,987 complete orders, 1.672 qualified writers, and an average of 4.58 reviews, Speedy paper guarantees every student the best solution to their task. They proposed superior quality with a lot of benefits to make you an outstanding student in your field.


  • Speedy turnaround

  • The highest quality papers guaranteed

  • Time-consciousness

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Secured payment system


  • Occasional late delivery

  • Complicated satisfaction guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you are skeptical about online essay writing services, it is okay for you to doubt their existence. Based on this, we want to provide answers to your curiosity about online writing services.

The following are probable questions you might need someone to answer are below;

Are essay writing services considered legal?

Yes, essay writing services are legal. However, a student may be penalized if the school authority finds out because no policy supports outsourcing assignments. You can submit custom-written essays to your lecturer, irrespective of your school.

That is why it is essential to use trustworthy writing services to avoid being reported to your school authorities.

What are the services offered by writing companies?

Essay writing companies offer assistance to students in the form of services that include assignments, proofreading, table of content, title page, among others. Price differs from one company to another. Although they have their list of services, they work based on clients’ requirements.

For example, Paperhelp offers custom services and delivers as soon as possible to enable their clients to meet deadlines. You will receive an email of your essay after completion.

Can I get caught in using essay writing services?

No, you can’t get caught if you are using a trusted and reliable essay writing service. The companies listed in this article are legitimate and maintain students’ anonymity without disclosing their identity. The written works done by the companies are accessible by their clients only.

You can be sure of a 100 percent unique essay. Accordingly, they don’t publish their client’s work online, so you can’t find similar content anywhere on the internet.

Are essay writing services dependable for academic excellence?

Yes, reputable essay writing companies produce high-quality services that can make you a better-performance student. However, due to the differences in their charges, it is difficult to identify the most dependable ones. An excellent way to determine their reliability is to make a comparison between price and quality produced. Also, you need to understand that high cost doesn’t define quality. Therefore, you must be careful with your evaluation.

How does payment work when using Writing Services?

Payment is usually through web payment using your card. Alternatively, you can make a payment through PayPal. However, the currency of payment differs, as some companies accept USD, while others accept GBP, EUR, CAD, and AUD.

Depending on the essay writing services you use, you can pay in installments.

Can I claim the written essay as my own?

Custom-written essays should serve as a guide for the student to write their own copy. However, submitting this type of essay is not illegal as it already passed the plagiarism test. The best practice is to use the essay in the process of writing your own paper.

Bottom Line

In today’s educational system, stress is one factor that limits students’ academic performance. A significant reason for this is the workload of assignments, which students combine with other activities. Understanding how difficult it is to keep up with schedules is why essay writing services are available for you.

Some students work while studying. In a situation like this, you have two objectives to achieve – academic excellence and sustainable living. It is impossible to be consistent with both without performing poorly in one. So while you are busy making a living for yourself, essay writing services assist your school papers.

Essay writing companies do not only offer services for you; they ensure you are on standby to perform exceptionally well in all your assignments. The important thing is to use the best essay writing service to guarantee your success in your academics.