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With record boaters in the water this year, remembering safety tips is key

With record numbers of people spending time in the water this year, it is also the season a lot of avoidable boating and other water related injuries are reported.

Dr. Aekta Miglani with the University of Rochester Medical Center says many injuries are related to other things like alcohol or heat, and to stock up on water, sunblock and life vests.

Another issue is boaters speeding, especially when drinking, in zones they should not be and causing waves.

While these are all important, boaters also need to know where their flares are, their whistles, safety equipment, and cell phones in an emergency.

Miglani said awareness is key; safety courses and first aid will only help.

Drownings caused by boats is the number one reason for boat related fatalities and CPR could make the difference in some situations.