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Experts warn people to be aware of rental scams during vacation season

With vacation season upon us, experts warn people to be aware of potential scams when renting vacation homes.

A man in Penfield wanted to take his family on vacation, and upon arrival found broken light fixtures, dirty floors, and holes in the walls at their AirBNB in Saratoga Springs.

CJ Infantino, the renter, stated it was clear that either the host was not taking care of the property or someone before them left an extensive amount of damage.

He stated after checking out, the host left a positive review of the family and highly recommended them. A few hours later, Infantino was given a notice of property damage worth $1,500.

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Melanie McGovern from the Better Business Bureau says it’s always important to take photos of any damage immediately.

Because Infantino did not take photos beforehand, McGovern recommended he take it up with AirBNB and leave a review.

AirBNB released a statement regarding the damages:

“We expect guests to treat hosts’ properties with respect and care. In situations where there is alleged property damage, we work with both hosts and guests to help mediate a fair resolution. In this case, the Host provided significant documentation such as photos of the damages and an invoice for the repairs. We are continuing to work with both parties to reach an amicable resolution.”