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Siena Poll shows Cuomo favorability among voters still strong, despite pandemic challenges

A new Siena Poll shows that around one-third of voters in New York believe Gov. Andrew Cuomo should run for re-election.

The same poll also shows that his approval rating for how he handled the coronavirus pandemic sits at 51%. The poll also showed that voters said Cuomo did a good job with managing vaccines, keeping the state informed, and reopening the state- all of which received more than 50% approval.

The one area where voters do not approve is in nursing homes- where 60% said he did not do a good job of answering questions on those facilities connected to covid.

“Since his poll numbers took a significant hit earlier this year, Cuomo’s favorability, job performance and re-elect ratings have remained largely stable the last few months. But 16 months from the next gubernatorial election and less than a year from the primary, only one-third of New Yorkers – including just 43 percent of Democrats – think Cuomo should run for re-election,” said Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg.

As for his re-election prospects, 39% say he should finish his term, but not seek re-election, 23% say he should resign immediately.

“The good news for the Governor is that only 23 percent of New Yorkers want him to resign immediately. However, when you add those voters to the 39 percent who say he should serve out his term but not seek re-election, 62 percent say he should not run for a fourth term,” Greenberg added. “Twenty-seven percent of white voters want to see him run again, as do 40 percent of Latinos and a majority, 52 percent, of Black voters.”

Meanwhile, Gov. Cuomo’s senior advisor Rich Azzopardi released a statement in response to the poll:

“Today’s Siena poll is surprisingly positive because New Yorkers have only heard one side of the story and haven’t yet heard the truth. When they hear the true story and the political games people are playing it will be much different. Also it’s remarkable that only 13 percent of Democrats said the Governor should resign even though virtually all Democratic politicians called for it. Clearly Democrats believe the Governor more than the politicians.”