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Boat building workshop at Seneca Yacht Club in collaboration with Finger Lakes Boating Museum August 14-22

Available openings are filling up for the first boatbuilding workshop at Seneca Yacht Club (SYC) in collaboration with the Finger Lakes Boating Museum (FLBM), scheduled for August 14 – 22. We’re building the Six Hour Canoe, powered by single paddle (canoe type) or double (kayak type). Seats can be installed for single or double users.

Hurry and register ASAP to ensure you get a spot! Images of The Six Hour Canoe can be viewed by clicking here, and the book here.

The Six Hour Canoe is light (around 50 lbs.), easier to paddle for one or two users, and able to be transported via cartop. We’re scheduling the whole week to completely finish and customize all trim (seats, etc.), make or buy paddles, and paint.

The cost is $375 for Museum members and $400 for others. We expect that most of the major building will be done in two-three days with finishing work and paint done during the rest of the week. Taking a week off from work or other activities will likely not be required. We’re planning to have a “Splash Party” at the end of the week when all boats get wet and paddled around the club by the builders.

You can enroll by contacting the Finger Lakes Boating Museum 607-569-2222 or [email protected].

Boatbuilding Workshop Concept

Finger Lakes Boating Museum
Seneca Yacht Club
Seneca Sailing Academy
Boys & Girls Club of Geneva

Collaborative project to collectively…
• Popularize boating heritage in the Finger Lakes
• Create a family-friendly/group experience around boating
• Build fleet of simple rowing/sailing skiffs for use by owners and/or by SYC Members
• With Sailing Rig, teach basic sailing to youth and families
• Teach basic woodworking skills and tool use to youth

Finger Lakes Boating Museum teaches boatbuilding (and other workshops) at their main campus in Hammondsport. They build the “Bevin Skiff”, developed at the Alexandria Seaport Foundation in metro Washington DC. This rowing skiff is simple, sturdy and can be made with a sailing rig. Individuals can purchase a wood-only kit from Chesapeake Light Craft and build it themselves, or to ensure completion and use on a timelier basis, can be constructed via a one-week (bookended by two weekends ideal) workshop that provides instruction, tools and assistance.

• FLBM will provide the already cut parts, instruction, tools (sanders, screwdrivers, jig saws, saw horses, etc.) and expertise for 4-6 families/groups in building their Bevin Skiffs.
• Workshop could be held at the B&GC Community Center, or on the grounds of SYC
• SYC will provide a launch site for the recently completed, and possibly seasonal storage for family / group builders to access their boats.
• SSA will teach basic sailing techniques to those that elect to add the Sailing Rig to their boats.
• Optional: Tarp Sail Making class to make a sail out of duct tape and a white tarp.
• All families/kids will become familiar with basic power tools and their safe use.
• B&GC can provide workshop space, and once built, transportation to SYC for use by builders or other B&GC members for recreational use.
• Possible Boat Races / Celebration for the families/groups that complete their boats
• Many publicity opportunities for all.

August 14-27

B&GC Community Center and/or SYC

$500 per family/group

Options for SYC/SSA:
• Fee for families wishing to keep boats vs building them and giving to SYC/SSA to use.
• SYC make available to members wishing to row/fish/etc.
• SSA offer basic sailing to builders/users
• Rent to Community Members wishing to access boat

(Note: boatbuilding workshops like this generally cost approximately $1,500. Wood parts for this boat can be purchased from Chesapeake Light Craft for $500 w/o instruction, tools, location or help)