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Studies show more about the Delta variant and Covid vaccines

How effective are vaccines against the new Delta variant?

Studies have been done in England where the Delta variant is now the dominant strain.

About two weeks after the second dose, Pfizer is shown to be around 88% effective against symptomatic disease of the Delta variant. If only receiving the first dose, it’s only 34% effective against the strain.

Dr. Anthony Fauci believes Moderna will likely have the same efficacy, but the Johnson and Johnson will only be about 60% effective against the Delta variant.

In the U.K. the variant appears to be primarily spreading among younger age groups who have only recently become eligible to receive the vaccine. Right now people under the age of 40 make up three quarters of Delta cases.

People over the age of 60, 90% of whom are vaccinated, make up 4% of Delta cases.

Doctors say the majority of patients are younger and symptoms appear more like a cold with runny noses and congestion instead of loss of taste and smell.

Researchers say the number of cases are rising in the U.S. at an alarming rate and those without vaccinations are vulnerable.

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