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The many benefits of interning at a startup

An internship program is a great way for young individuals just out of college to explore various work profiles and see what they’re interested in. Not everyone has a fixed approach in life, and that’s fine. Internships help you get access to the company culture and see for yourself if your assigned role and the company you intern for holds your interest.

Companies hire interns to attract fresh talents and take advantage of low-cost labor. They help young students understand how organizations work and also provide basic training. Tools like Coassemble are very popular for providing online training because of their easy-to-use interface. This whole experience is very valuable to discover and learn new skills.

But most students prefer a well-established company or a big name when it comes to applying for an internship. It’s great to have work experience with a big company listed in your resume, but it is important to consider what exactly will you gain from this internship. This is why we recommend you intern at a startup especially because of the wide range of activities you will learn.

We understand you may have doubts about it. To help you out, we have listed below X benefits of interning at a startup:

  1. Better chance of learning:

Internships are meant to gain real-life experience and learn how things work. Since startups don’t have an excessively large number of employees, you will be interacting with their employees more as compared to a huge company.

This will allow you to better understand the ins & outs of the startup and gain valuable knowledge. Moreover, since there are fewer interns, there is a high likelihood of you getting more focused attention.

  1. More responsibilities:

A big company has the resources and space for a big group of interns. But this does not guarantee that you will get to work on something significant. On the contrary, a startup needs all hands on deck.

Not only will this allow you to be an important part of the company’s work culture, but also give you a chance to handle more serious responsibilities. This helps you hone your skills and helps you gain a lot from the internship.

  1. Lesser competition:

Believe it or not, everyone wants to intern at a big multinational company. For a lot of companies, it is a way to build a positive reputation by throwing open their doors to young fresh talents and letting them experience their work culture.

But at the same time, this increases the competition when it comes to securing an internship at a big company. Startups usually don’t receive that many applications which make it easier for you to secure an internship.

  1. Discover your talent:

Post-college, you may want to take your time instead of just taking the first available job. Internships help you understand what work excites you and what is the scope and salary for that kind of work in the future.

Startups have a wide array of responsibilities that you can take up to understand what you are genuinely interested in. The knowledge and experience that you gain will help you make a more informed decision for your future.

  1. More structured feedback:

In a startup, employees usually take up multiple roles and do a lot more than usual. This provides you the opportunity to work under them and share their workload. This allows you to learn directly from an employee rather than having to sit around looking for work.

Since you are working more closely with an employee, you can get a better understanding of the company culture. Also, they can provide you direct feedback on your work which allows you to work on yourself and get better.


In a nutshell, an internship at a startup will give you a wealth of knowledge and experience to take the right path for the future.

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