8 Ways to make your relationships more passionate

If your current relationship seems like it’s been losing the spark, here are eight different ways to bring it back to life! No matter if you’re want to rekindle your flames with an online dating partner after being away from each other and in a long-distance relationship or seek to bring some warmth into your couple with a high-school sweetheart you’ve known since forever, these tips will work wonders.

Relive Your Very First Date

At some point in time, you didn’t know your significant other…. but you were looking forward to meeting them! Maybe you finally got the courage to flirt with your coworker or a long-time friend. Or, since we live in the 21st century, your weapon of choice was an online dating site or an app! You’ve created a profile, attached some photos, and decided to message a cutie pie in your neighborhood or got hit on by a cool guy. A lot of couples connect at benaughty in Australia, thanks to its location-based search, and those who you connected via the internet all around the world, everyone has a special “first date” story, so why not relive it? Exchange flirty messages with your partner during the workday, or skip this first step and take your SO to the place you’re first went out together and enjoy the nostalgia. If you went anywhere after you ate, don’t forget to include that as well. You’ll be able to feel romance in the air!

Take a Romantic Bath Together

You need to get clean anyway, so why not do it together? Truthfully, romantic baths are more about setting a mood and less about actually cleaning your body, but that’s OK—it’s much more exciting to clean your partner’s body instead! A romantic bath together can quickly lead to the bedroom, so enjoy your time together with your freshly bathed partner for a sexy night in!

More Hugs and Hand-holding

As the relationship goes on, we tend to forget the little things over time. While bigger gestures like making a romantic dinner are certainly appreciated, little gestures like hugging your partner or holding their hand when you’re out together are important as well. Other “cute” things like kissing their forehead or simply telling or texting them “I love you” on a daily basis just like you were when you first started dating helps them know you appreciate them and keeps the romantic feelings alive throughout the entire relationship. If you’re a forgetful person by nature, consider making it a routine, such as giving them a hug before you go to work and a kiss when you go to bed.

Make Eye Contact

In an age where most people spend the majority of their day glued to some sort of screen, taking the time to peel your eyes away from the screen is a big deal. Making eye contact with your partner shows them you’re paying attention to them, which helps them feel appreciated and not like they’re competing with your phone. Even if you’re watching TV together, making eye contact with them while they’re talking will let them know you’re actually listening to what they’re saying, not just nodding along.

Dress a Little Sexier

Depending on how jealous your partner is, you may be able to apply this principle to your life in general (dressing sexy can do wonders for your confidence!). Even if you only dress sexy at home, your partner is sure to notice, which can quickly lead to more sexy encounters. After the deed is done, you two can cuddle up and watch a movie together or simply enjoy each other’s company.

Explore Your Fantasies Together

Repeating the same sexual routine over and over again can quickly get stale. When this happens, you’ll notice your sex life will quickly take a turn for the worse, as neither of you is really interested in the activity anymore. This is why it’s so important to keep things fresh! Chances are, there are fantasies you each have that you haven’t shared with each other yet. These can be great ways to spice up your bedroom activities so consider having this conversation if your sex life could be described as “Needs Improvement”!

Use Your Imagination in the Bedroom

Since you’ve already discussed sexual fantasies with each other, it’s time to bring these dreams to life (and if you haven’t, check out this list of dirty questions to ask your partner!). If your partner is into roleplaying, then it’s time to use your imagination and acting skills to give them the experience of a lifetime! Your partner should be willing to do the same for you as well. By acting out each other’s fantasies (or even combining the two), you’re sure to enjoy a much more fulfilling sex life than simply sticking to a “missionary marriage.”

Send Sexy Messages

Unfortunately, you can’t always physically be with your partner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep the mood alive! The majority of modern phones are capable of sending text, pictures, and video messages, so you have a virtually unlimited number of ways to tease your partner through the phone. This is especially fun if you can keep it up all day since your partner will be ready to rip your clothes off the second they walk through the door!

Hopefully, these eight tips will help you bring your struggling relationship back to life. Remember, a great relationship requires romance, physical intimacy, and communication, so feel free to share this article with your partner if you’re ready to enjoy a stronger partnership. With a little bit of help, even the most challenging of relationships can be salvaged, so we wish you the best of luck (we know you can do it!). Happy dating!