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Gypsy moth infestation infringes on family’s summer

While families everywhere have been dealing with the infestation of gypsy moth caterpillars, one family in Canandaigua has had their entire summer overtaken by them.

Jennifer Sennet and Richard Brinkman have said that although the moth population is decreasing, they have been unable to use their pool or deck for weeks.

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The DEC has stated that the hairs on the caterpillar have the possibility to cause skin irritation for some people.

The DEC offers information on how to help control (but not completely eliminate) a gypsy moth problem. The includes squishing the caterpillars when populations are low, scraping egg masses off trees and dropping them into a container of detergent, sticky bands and burlap traps on trees to stop them from crawling off and the option of insecticide. More information can be found here.