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How to choose an outfit for a first date: Ultimate guide for men

As you know, the first impression can be made only once. When it comes to the first date, your appearance can be a decisive factor in the further development of a relationship with a girl. When a man is dressed fashionably and stylishly, this may not affect the outcome of the date, but a bad outfit definitely makes a repulsive impression.

Modern people increasingly get acquainted online and go on dates, having formed an idea of Russian brides from pictures on While there is no concept of a dress code for dating a girl today, the first meeting is a lot like a job interview. For dating to be at the highest level, a guy’s clothes must be appropriate for the place, season, and time of day. When choosing what to wear on a date, a man must understand that his outfit shows interest.

Outdoors Date in Spring or Summer

The first date often takes place in neutral territory — in the park, where you can walk for free or with a minimum amount of money for expenses. Besides, a walk in the park in the fresh air will be a good alternative to banal gatherings over a cup of coffee (however, the first does not exclude the second). An informal atmosphere is conducive to conversation and helps to get to know each other better.

What to wear?

The best choice would be practical and casual clothes. You don’t have to dress up, especially for such a meeting. Expect to sit on a bench or even on the grass, so white trousers or chinos are best left for another occasion. The best choices are navy or black jeans and chinos in neutral dark tones.

Date in a Café or Restaurant

If you decide that the first date with a woman should take place in a calm and comfortable environment, then it makes sense to invite her not to a pretentious restaurant, where a table must be booked several days in advance, but to one of your favorite, proven places — a quiet café where you can drink coffee with an original dessert, or a small cozy restaurant with excellent cuisine.

What to wear?

The casual dress code should be made more formal than for walking in nature, but still far from formal. A casual jacket will look great with a turtleneck, classic jeans, and classic shoes. Replace leather oxfords or loafers with sneakers if you prefer a more relaxed and light-hearted style.

Dinner at a Luxury Restaurant

An invitation to a good restaurant requires a man to match the surroundings of the establishment. You will have to dress more carefully than in previous cases.

What to wear?

A classic suit, a light-colored shirt, leather shoes, a tie, cufflinks, and a pocket square — and now your first date turns into a formal event. But you have the opportunity to show yourself in all your glory. You can easily create a stylish presentable image without a strict suit. Try alternatives:

  • an unpaired suit consisting of dark pants and a light top (or vice versa);

  • solid dark jeans, a white shirt, and a black or blue jacket.

Creative personalities can try to replace the jacket with a long cardigan that emphasizes individual style.

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