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Former Hornell resident goes from CIA to college president

William Heineman, a graduate from Hornell High School in 1983, was voted by his classmates as likely to be a future spy. He then went on to have a 6 year career working for the CIA.

While working for the CIA, major historical events occurred like the fall of the Berlin Wall and collapse of the Soviet Union.

In the CIA he was an analyst that studied events abroad, trying to forecast what would happen next to help the decision makers in the American Government.

After being a part of the CIA, he and his wife decided to move back north and with his BA in History he decided to teach at a community college level.

After two decades of working in college education he has been appointed president of North Shore Community College and begins his duties July 1.

Heineman was a professor of government for Northern Essex Community College until 2006 before moving into an administrative role that led him to become Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs and eventually Provost.

When in high school in Hornell, Heineman planned to be an electrical engineer to be apart of the technology boom but switched to history. A teacher suggested he go to law school, and while he did not end up in law school, he did eventually go to government school for the CIA.

One of Heineman’s goals is to not only provide students with a useful education, but to make it affordable for busy students.