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Waterloo resident finally receiving mail at home after 2 years

After two years, David and Gail Fridley are having their mail delivered to their home instead of a PO box.

Gail is happy with the mailbox, but not with how the Waterloo Post Office handled her situation.

Often when mail is being delivered, the deciding factor can be the owner’s dogs.

The Fridley’s currently own two dogs, which is where the trouble began.

In 2015 they acquired a pitbull-bulldog mix and the post carrier admitted to being uncomfortable. The Fridley’s moved their mailbox away from the house and closer to the road.

In 2018 they obtained a second dog and kept them fenced in the backyard when the carrier came. The Fridley’s did everything the carrier asked but watched their house being skipped during delivery.

Gail Fridley felt as if the Post Master in Waterloo was trying to teach her a lesson after her carrier voiced questions on why she could not get mail and the dog warden agreed they were under control.

Eventually she was able to get help from the regional office in Syracuse who had someone physically examine the situation and decide they could get mail delivered to their home.

The Fridley’s mailed a letter to Congressman Reed detailing the issue, and sent it from the Geneva Post Office due to their distrust of Waterloo’s.