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Can the COVID-19 vaccine kill you? Some online reports misleading

Can the COVID-19 vaccine kill you?

That has been a question intensely debated and discussed on social media, with a multitude of unverified reports circulating about severe reactions to the three vaccines available right now.

Dr. Angela Branche, of the University of Rochester Medical Center, tells News10NBC the answer is ‘no’. “Based on what we learned in the clinical trials our response to that would have been no,” she explained.

There have been three deaths reported due to blood clots, but those are out of the hundreds-of-millions of doses administered to date. This is why the Johnson and Johnson vaccine was shut down out of an abundance of caution when only a small number of negative side effects were reported.

The apparent issue complicating things is the natural trend line of deaths. “Certainly people who are vaccinated are dying, but as of now, we have not made an association between getting the vaccine and dying. if people are dying it’s usually from natural causes,” Branche added.

Out of the 5,200 people who received the COVID vaccine and later died, no link between the two have been established.

The bottom line is that health professionals say the benefits outweigh the risks, and that even the most-severe of possible risky outcomes are exceptionally rare.

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