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Advocates say Cuomo should sign bills addressing child poverty in New York

Advocacy groups across New York urged Gov. Andrew Cuomo to sign several bills aimed at offering more aid to low-income families and children.

The bills included measures to limit poverty, improve criminal justice reform, housing, and child care access.

Advocates say the bills together would address poverty in New York in a meaningful way.

One bill would raise the maximum rent paid under the state’s Family Homelessness and Eviction Prevention Supplement, raising the rent cap from 85% of HUD’s fair market rent to 100%. Another would end the arrest of children as young as 7, as juvenile delinquents.

“We urge the governor to sign these bills into law without delay. If he fails to do so, thousands of New York families will fall deeper into poverty and even more lives will be at risk,” said the Citizens Committee for Children, a research and advocacy group to Spectrum News. “CCC looks forward to working with the Governor, our state partners and state leaders to ensure all of New York’s children and families have access to the resources they need to not only recover from the pandemic, but thrive.”