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Steuben teen wins SUNY scholarship after getting vaccinated

There’s been another local winner in the state’s sweepstakes for those teens who get vaccinated.

Isabella Wolcott is the second local winner of a full scholarship to any SUNY school.

It covers tuition, room and board, and other associated expenses.

Two weeks ago a student from Victor won.

“The key to New York’s recovery, rebirth, and revitalization is getting as many eligible New Yorkers vaccinated as quickly as possible,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said. “We’re working hard and getting creative to put shots in arms, and we’re targeting our efforts at groups of people with lower vaccination rates, especially young adults age 12-17, who have the lowest vaccination rate of any age group in the state. Our once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win a free ride to any public college or university in the state, an approximately $100,000 value, is proof that the vaccine won’t just make you safer—it very well might make your future, too. Congratulations to the 10 winners announced today, and good luck to the kids and parents eagerly awaiting next week’s drawing.”