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Masks will be required for summer school: Some parents, guardians concerned as temps rise

Summer school is happening this summer. As reported earlier this week- some districts like the Sodus Central School District are mandating it, as ‘holding students back’ appears not an option.

That said, as temperatures rise- will masks be required? The short answer is ‘absolutely’.

OCM BOCES, which provides regional and specialized summer classes for districts throughout Central New York, is looking ahead summer school.

Their expectation is to have twice as many students enrolled this summer- around 5,000- compared to the typically 2,500.

“We do have some concerns about making sure everything is able to be appropriately staffed,” Matt Cook, OCM BOCES District Superintendent, told

Protests have been taking place in the Syracuse-area, contending that if schools are going to move forward with summer school plans- then masking requirements needs to be removed.

“We’re currently facing the masking of our children in our schools in these hot summer months, we don’t want our children masked at all,” says Nicole Pruett, founder of “CNY Informed.”

The state signaled last week that it might back off on masking guidance after the CDC limited its own rules. However, officials backed off of that after pushback from those who have called for continued masking.