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Nursing homes are struggling to vaccinate their staff

Some nursing home facilities are struggling to vaccinate their staff.

Around 250 nursing homes in New York State that are struggling to vaccinate their workers remain at a heightened risk for Covid outbreaks despite the recent declines in infections.

85% of nursing home residents have been vaccinated, while only around 62% of staff have been vaccinated. Though it is exceedingly rare for breakthrough infections to occur among vaccinated individuals, the low rate of vaccinations allows for a higher chance.

According to an article published by the Daily Messenger, 16 nursing homes in the Finger Lakes area have vaccinated less than half of their workers, while 5 facilities are below 40%.

Despite the early access to vaccinations last December for nursing homes, the data shows the rate of vaccinations are lower than those of hospitals and assisted living facilities, both of which had access after nursing homes.

Many families with loved ones in nursing homes have expressed concern for their family members, especially after losing visits for so long.

Covid deaths among nursing home patients has plummeted since the peak in mid-January and the weekly death toll has dropped as well.

The drop in infection rates in nursing homes goes along with the drop in rates in the surrounding communities. Often, when there is a surge in the surrounding community, there is also a surge in the nursing home.

While workers remain unvaccinated and at a higher risk for contracting Covid, the chances of breakthrough infection spreading in nursing homes also remains at a higher risk.

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