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New Alstom car shell manufacturing facility approved in Hornell

Earlier in the week, the Hornell Planning Board along with the City’s Planning and Development Committee both approved the plans for the new Alstom car shell manufacturing building to be in the Shawmut Industrial Park. Alstom currently has Plant 2 just north of the approved location.

The new 135,000 square foot building is a part of Alstom expanding its footprint in Hornell. In total, Alstom could end up with a Metra contract totaling $1.8 billion to supply rail cars for the Chicago metropolitan area.

The main concern the Planning Board had was the transportation of the large shells when they need to be transported from one plant to another through the city streets. Concerns were addressed with plans to only travel during off-peak traffic hours and to cut back trees and any take care of any infrastructures that could be in the way.

This addition would help create 250 new skilled manufacturing jobs at the facility in Hornell along with preserving another 400 positions.

After construction of the building is finished, the road is going to be resurfaced and a new sidewalk installed for pedestrians to access the Shawmut Park.