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Wayne Behavioral Health recipient of Commissioner’s Community Care Award for 2021

The Office of Mental Health awarded Wayne Behavioral Health Network the Commissioner’s Community Care Award for 2021.

“We are deeply humbled and honored to be selected as this year’s recipient of the OMH Community Care Award,” said Jim Haitz, director of Wayne Behavioral Health, a statement first published by the Finger Lakes Times.

“Our organization is truly committed and dedicated to improving the emotional health and well-being of the youth in our community and in our schools,” Haitz said.

Wayne Behavioral Health runs 29 school-based mental health satellite clinics that can be found in all 11 of the school districts within Wayne County.

Amid the pandemic, Wayne Behavioral Health offered tele-med in all clinics to help all of their clients.

Haitz expressed that the partnerships with the school staff and superintendents had a large part in the success of their satellite clinics, especially during Covid.

Wayne Behavioral Health remained reachable during the pandemic, remaining staffed and offering mental health and addiction services. Nurses used a mobile clinic van when patients needed to be seen who are required to receive injection medications along with other options for treatment.

The Community Care Award was created in 2019 and recognizes people and organizations who have made a positive contribution to the mental health system in their communities.

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