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Seneca Falls student has doughnut debuted for sale at Bayard Bakery

Last fall, Lois Dugo’s second grade class participated in a project where students created a specialty doughnut and used their computer and writing skills to pitch the concept, according to an article published by the Finger Lakes Times. This assignment was completed while students were distance learning.

Dugo, a teacher at Frank Knight Elementary School in Seneca Falls, had asked Bayard Bakery owner, Chris Wagner, to choose a winner after looking at all the assignments. He decided on two, and took it further by creating the doughnuts for the public in his bakery.

First, last fall, he sold Ada Sinicropi’s S’More doughnut. After waiting for the warmer months Wagner created Connor Shoemaker’s doughnut, a Blueberry Ocean doughnut.

Connor was able to visit the bakery Saturday morning and see his doughnut on display with his family and classmate, Ada.

Connor described his doughnut with the following pitch for his original assignment:

“In the summer you think of an ocean. Well with a bluebarry ocean donut you can have an ocean in your hand. With a bluebarry donut to start you have a light coating of blue vanilla frosting and toped with a little salt. It will make you want more.”

Fifty cents per doughnut sold is being donated back to Dugo’s classroom, and last fall Ada’s S’More doughnut earned the class $114.

Dugo said the students are now discussing how to spend the doughnut sales proceeds.