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Schuyler Health Foundation announces new officers and board members

The new Slate of Officers for the 2021-22 year has been announced by the Schuyler Health Foundation.

Erin Thaete has been announced as Chairperson, Tom Phillips as Vice-Chairperson, and Jerry Mickelson as Treasurer/Secretary.

These Executive Officers will be joined by the new members of the Board of Directors Aimee Churchill and Chuck Franzese.

The current and renewing members are Brenda Warren-Fitch, Jeff Dill, Ken Wilson, Marsha McElligot, Nanette Hanley, Philly DeSarno and Chris Stamp.

“I am so proud of the work the Schuyler Health Foundation Board of Directors is doing for healthcare of our community. I am honored to work with this dedicated Board of Directors team to help further the Schuyler Health Foundation’s mission. We continue to be so grateful for the support received from our community and this dedication allows us to continue to do our part to elevate the care here at Schuyler Hospital and Seneca View Skilled Nursing Facility,” said Erin Thaete, Chairperson.

The goal of the Schuyler Health Foundation is to create and maintain a steady and dependable amount of funding to accomplish the Hospital’s mission of giving patients the best quality care possible.

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