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Restaurant Depot Rochester teams up with BluePrint Geneva to help combat community hunger

Restaurant Depot Rochester, a members-only wholesale food-service supplier has teamed up with BluePrint Geneva, a non-profit that works to provide healthy food options to families struggling with food insecurities, according to an article published by the Finger Lakes Times.

Restaurant Depot Rochester donated 75 food boxes in April to give to families in need in the city of Geneva.

These efforts are led by Chef Samantha Buyskes, who has worked at various restaurants throughout the Finger Lakes region.

Buyskes is a member of the BlurPrint Geneva Board of Directors and was asked by the agency in 2020 if she would create meals for the community. This began the Saturday meal distribution during the pandemic.

Buyskes expressed the importance of giving back to a community that has given her so much, and focuses on families in need not only receiving food they desperately need, but also focuses on that food being a healthy option that lasts the family.

Burt Diferio, the general manager of Restaurant Depot Rochester, explained his excitement about working with Buyskes and explained that she provided a list of necessary items for families, including staples like flour, sugar, cereal, and other food items that will last families a good amount of time.

Additionally, Restaurant Depot Rochester provided BluePrint a $10,000 grant to support the cause of fighting hunger in Geneva.

Restaurant Depot Rochester has put its efforts into working with various food banks and organizations to help combat hunger over the last year amid the pandemic.

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