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Cayuga County DMV has processing thousands of transactions per month: Will remain open by appointment only

Officials in Cayuga County say DMV customers have a choice as they look forward to making appointments this spring, summer, and fall.

Right now the DMV is open by appointment only, according to Clerk Sue Dwyer. “Throughout this pandemic, although State DMV offices closed, our county DMV stayed open,” she said in a press release. “In fact, our DMV continues to be extremely busy- in March we processed more than 7,000 transactions.”

Dwyer says the quickest way to get transactions processed is to either drop-off or mail-in paperwork. If you don’t know what documents are required- a quick email can be sent to [email protected].

“While we mitigate this pandemic, there are many good things about the appointment system; rather than waiting in line in a crowded room and having to take a couple hours off to make a visit to the DMV, you can now get your transaction completed in 5-10 minutes; while we’ve served thousands of customers during the pandemic, there has been no incident of COVID transmission; and it’s easier to park in front of our building due to the limited amount of people in our DMV at the same time,” Cayuga County Legislature Chair Aileen McNabb-Coleman said.

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The big takeaway? Options, options, and more options.

“The bottom line is that our customers have a choice: They can make an appointment and wait a few weeks to get their transactions done, or they can drop off or mail their transactions and they will be done quicker than if you have an appointment. If you have a complicated transaction, email the DMV and they will answer you quickly so you can submit the correct paperwork and get your transaction done either through the drop-off bin or at your appointment,” Dwyer added.

“Of course, we realize that some situations call for immediate assistance from the DMV,” McNabb-Coleman added. “If there is a situation where you need your New York State ID replaced or if you need a work vehicle registered, or if you have an urgent reason to have a transaction processed, please reach out to us and we will do our best to help you.”

To make an appointment visit

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