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Chelsea vs. Real Madrid on 5. May match report

Chelsea and Real Madrid are very popular football teams with a large number of loyal fans. Chelsea has a large fan base among English football lovers and others, whereas Real Madrid has a global fan base given the large number of stars on the team. On the 5th of May, the two teams met for an exciting match in the UEFA champions league. The match saw Chelsea win by 2 nil against the Spanish iconic team.

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Chelsea vs. Real Madrid 5 May match statistics

The two goals for Chelsea were scored by T. Werner at the 28th minute of the match, and M. mount at the 85th minute. The match was decisively won by Chelsea without any scoring from Real Madrid despite several attempts. The victory took place even though Real Madrid had possession of the ball 68 percent of the time in comparison with Chelsea which had possession of the ball 32 percent.

Match statistics

In total, Chelsea had more attempts on the goal (15 shots) in comparison with Real Madrid which had only 7 attempts. Chelsea also had better defense as it managed to clear the ball from dangerous areas 17 times, in comparison with Real Madrid which had only 4 clearances. Chelsea was slightly more aggressive as its players received 18 fouls whereas Real Madrid’s players received 12 fouls.

Real Madrid previous and upcoming matches

Real Madrid had won by 2-0 against Osasuna on the 1st of May, and later had a tie (2-2) with Sevilla on 9th of May. It won against Granada by a decisive 4-1 on the 13th of May and against Athletic club by a 1-0. It has an upcoming match with Villarreal on the 22nd of May. Off the field, Real Madrid added online broker Easymarkets to its roster of sponsors at the start of the 2020/21 season, which is likely to help the club’s finances in attracting new players this summer.

Chelsea previous and upcoming matches

Before that match on May 5th, Chelsea had won on the 1st of May with the same score (2-0) against Fulham. Later on, on the 8th of May, Chelsea won again against Manchester city by 2-1. On the 12th of May it lost by 0-1 to Arsenal. Also, on 15th of May it lost to Leicester City by 0-1. Chelsea has upcoming matches which include a match against Leicester City again on the 18th of May, a match against Aston Villa on the 23rd of May, and again against Manchester City on the 29th of May.

In the last five matches between Real Madrid and Chelsea, Real Madrid had won 2, and Chelsea had won 2 as well, and they had a tie (1-1) back in April 2021. Within the context of the UEFA champions league, Real Madrid has won thus far 6 matches out of 12 whereas Chelsea won 8 out of 12. Chelsea has thus far scored 22 goals whereas Real Madrid has scored 19.


Thus far, Chelsea seems to have the upper hand in the UEFA champions league. Its stronger defense and relentless pressure on its opponents enable it to score more goals and win more matches. Real Madrid needs to step up its performance to stay on par.

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