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Will lawmakers move on fourth round of COVID relief stimulus checks?

While few people thought another round of stimulus checks could be possible- the White House says its leaving the prospect of a fourth direct payment to U.S. residents up to Congress.

Some Americans have wondered: Could there be a fourth round of COVID relief stimulus checks before the pandemic officially ends?

The answer is ‘maybe’ for now, but it’s unclear if the political will is there. So far, checks for $1,200, $600, and $1,400 have gone out to Americans. While the IRS continues to navigate releasing those funds- with some waiting for the second or third rounds of stimulus payments- others in need have spent through it.

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Republican lawmakers have voiced opposition to any additional stimulus checks. However, Democrats and some research groups have called on the federal government to release ongoing payments until the pandemic ends.

“One year of stimulus checks lifted Americans out of poverty during the pandemic,” nonprofit Economic Security Project tweeted last month. “As it turns out, direct cash payments do indeed work.”

The group’s data project that the $1,400 stimulus checks, child tax credit and other benefits in the American Rescue Plan will bring 16 million Americans out of poverty, with a fourth and fifth check lifting 12 million more from poverty.

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