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Comparison to the top three plagiarism checkers available for students

Plagiarism checker tools are developed for the sole purpose of proofreading textual content for all sorts of duplication and plagiarism. One should know that plagiarism checker tools can easily be used to avoid grammar and plagiarism mistakes in your newly created content and they can also be used for checking whether someone is stealing from your work. 

Plagiarism checker tools are considered to be best for not only writers but also for students. You must know that there are hundreds of plagiarism checker tools and applications listed on the internet but not all of them are reliable especially if you want to check academic content. 

This is why we have discussed and compared the top three plagiarism checker tools that are considered to be best for students as well as other people relevant to content writing!

Top Three Plagiarism checker tools for students!

Out of dozens of utilities listed on the web, we have shortlisted the most magnificent ones for students. You can try any of these three tools and see for yourself which one suits you the most.

  • Plagiarism Checker by SmallSEOTools 

The plagiarism checker tool by is a viable website that offers you tons of utilities. The plagiarism scanner is one of the premium service tools offered by this site and this is just because it is easy to use and is considered to be best for students. As a student, it can be difficult for you to pay for checking plagiarism and this is why you should opt for a free tool. One should know that the plagiarism checker tool by SmallSEOTools is absolutely free to use and you don’t have to worry about any limitations or restrictions or even signups. 

Some of the features of this free plagiarism checker tool are listed as under:

  • The plagiarism checker has a database that is spread over billions of pages. You must know that the database of the tool keeps on updating on a regular basis which increases the accuracy of the results.
  • The plagiarism tool can accept multiple formats as input and so you don’t have to worry about adding content to the tool.
  • The tool has URL integrations which mean that you can check a complete website for plagiarism on the basis of its URL.
  • You can easily download and share the plagiarism reports for free with this online tool.
  • It works in multiple languages and is available worldwide for all sorts of users!
  • This plagiarism checker would not only tell you about the percentage of duplication and the sentences that are duplicate in your content but it is also going to help you in rewriting the plagiarized content. 

These are loveable features for the students who have weak paraphrasing skills!


This plagiarism checker website is also considered to be best for students as well as teachers. The reason that it is popular is because of its 100% accurate results. This plagiarism checker uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to check for plagiarism and this is why it can pick up the smallest traces of plagiarism. Here you should know that if you want to check your academic work for accidental plagiarism or wrong citation then the perfect platform for you. 

The working of this plagiarism tool is quite easy and understandable and this is because of its clean interface. As a student, you would love this tool because of its user-friendly interface and working. You can utilize this website like a pro even though you don’t have any prior experience or skills. Some of the important features of this plagiarism checker include:

  • Deep search powered by AI for accurate results 
  • No ads and a clean interface
  • 24/4 support 
  • Accurate and downloadable reports
  • Checking capability of up to 30k words per user!
Finger Lakes Partners (Billboard)


This is another reliable plagiarism checking option for students. One can easily check up to twenty-five search queries with this plagiarism detector. The free version of this PlagiarismDetector is best for students as it allows you to check around 25K words in a day. You can make plagiarism checking directly via text or you can also enter the word file in the tool. With this plagiarism checker website, you cannot only find and get rid of plagiarism but you can also check and remove grammatical mistakes like a pro. Some of the other important features of this plagiarism detector website include:

  • Clean interface 
  • Free version for students 
  • Easy to use interface 
  • No ads
  • Deep search feature 
  • Multiple file support 
  • Latest technology 
  • Data safety
  • Accurate and detailed reports 

If you want to check your essays, assignments, thesis or research papers for plagiarism and quality issues then you can easily take help from these top three plagiarism checker tools. Each one has its own perks and it is up to you to enjoy the one which suits your requirements the most!

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