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Restaurants could get pass on social distancing if they only serve vaccinated customers

Proof of COVID vaccination is going to be necessary for college students in many instances as they head back to school this fall. The same can be said for those who would like to attend a large-scale event- or they will at least need a negative COVID test.

Here’s the thing restaurants are weighing, though.

Capacity limits are set to be lifted on May 19. However, those restaurants will be required to maintain six feet of social distancing between tables and patrons.

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Vaccination could be a way around that, according to the New York State Restaurant Association.

They say the state is considering waiving the six foot rule for restaurants who only serve vaccinated guests.

“It’s been a mixed bag. We definitely talked to operators today that had concerns that really didn’t want to put themselves or their staff in a position where they had to turn away guests that weren’t vaccinated,” President of the Restaurant Association, Melissa Fleischut told 13WHAM. “I’ve also talked to others that are really excited about the idea of getting more people inside their venues… If they could have everybody vaccinated and eliminate the six feet then they could put more people inside so they were interested in whether or not the state would come forward and start to say that this is something we could do for the restaurant industry.”

Gov. Cuomo suggested that proof of a negative test, or vaccine could be an option moving forward.

“For events that can show proof of vaccination or recent negative tests, the 6 foot limit does not need to apply, okay?” he said this week. “So it’s 6 feet, but if you say, ‘Look, I’m only going to allow press in the room who are fully vaccinated, I’m only going to allow people in the restaurant who are fully vaccinated or just took a negative test, then you can go above the 6 feet.

Legal experts say the denial of service debate around vaccination will undoubtedly be challenged.