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COVID vaccine bracelet? Company launches wearable device for fast proof

How will businesses or people be able to tell who has received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Developers of a new wearable device are looking to fix that- with a bracelet that’s made its way into the public realm in parts of California.

It’s called the Immunaband, and costs approximately $20. It stores vaccine records so people don’t have to carry a card. Once purchased, the customers sends a copy of their vaccine card and the company loads the records onto its service.

The bracelet comes in the mail with a QR code, which verifies for anyone interested in knowing for certain that a person has been vaccinated.

“Lets say somebody stole it,” Dr. Toshof Bernton, the developer, tells KSWB. “They can get to the website, but unless they know your pin, they can’t get to your card.”

Since launching thousands have been sold.