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5 steps how to make the perfect espresso

A perfect cup of coffee is a magic potion that instantly enhances your mood. We cannot agree enough as coffee has natural stimulants that make you feel energized and ready to skim through the day like an achiever. However, many people struggle with making a perfect cup of coffee. We all have a specific coffee shop with to-die-for coffees. Do you wish you could make a coffee cup that is exceptional and tastes divine? In this article, we are going to mention 5 steps on how to make the perfect espresso. 

Espresso is an express coffee that you can make fast and have on the go. Most people have the concoction they like—some people like a strong coffee with less sugar and milk. At the same time, others want to go all out and make their coffee a sugary delight. It is essential to understand your taste buds and make coffee accordingly. It feels like a hassle every morning to make a delightful cup of coffee. Something you may wish that you had someone to make you a steaming cup of coffee and whip up a quick breakfast. You will find out how to make a steaming espresso that smells divine and tastes heavenly. Here you go: 

How to make the best espresso?

Espresso is one of the most famous kinds of coffee that you will see in most people’s hands as they head out for work. It is the most popular yet most tricky to make. Are you a starter at making coffee, and you always get the ration wrong? We feel you because many people have been stuck in such situations. We know it is your dream to make the perfect cup of espresso. We are here to help you learn the most valuable skill. Here are five steps to make great espresso: 

Ideal espresso machine 

How to make the perfect coffee with an espresso machine? The first step to making the best espresso coffee is to choose a suitable machine. Many coffee machines are available in the market, but people always find it confusing to find the right one for their home kitchen.

A coffee machine should have a high-pressure piston to provide a suitable environment for a perfect brew. Before buying a coffee machine, look at its features and see if it is ideal for the type of brew you’d love to drink in the morning. You must invest in coffee machines that provide strong brew in record time and are easier to clean. Do you want to get familiar with the high-grade espresso machines under $1000 or want to buy one? Read more here. 

Clean your coffee machine 

Sometimes, your espresso may taste bad even though you made it using the usual thing. Are you an avid coffee machine cleaner, or do you get crazy? Some of us are guilty to admit that we belong to the latter category. It is essential to wash your coffee machine twice a month properly. Soak all the removable coffee machine parts in soap and water to clean the residue. You will feel an instant boost in your espresso taste once you clean your coffee machine. 

Water to coffee ratio 

Are you clueless about how to make the perfect espresso with instant coffee? Water and coffee are the two main ingredients to create the perfect espresso blend. Most people do not like milk or cream in their coffee. Hence, the water to coffee ratio can make or break your game. To be precise, the water and coffee concoction depends on a user preference. You must experiment with a few things to determine how much coffee is perfect for you. Do not add too much coffee, as over-bitter coffee can make you lightheaded. 

Coffee temperature 

Are you a cold coffee lover or a hot coffee lover? It always takes a few trials and errors before you understand what kind of coffee you like. The definition of perfect espresso coffee is different for everyone. Hence, you need to explore your definition of ideal and make changes accordingly. Try to keep the temperature of your coffee lower at first and then gradually build up. You do not want to burn your mouth with a steaming cup of coffee. However, some people love a good hot coffee that hits their nerves. 

Use suitable coffee grounds 

It is crucial to pay attention to the kind of coffee beans you are using. Not all coffee grounds work amazingly for espresso. Hence, you have to be wise and select the right coffee beans to get the perfect taste you are looking for. If you want to have a rich espresso taste, then a darker coffee roast is probably ideal. Darker roast pairs exceptionally well with milk as it has a little caramel and chocolate taste to it. It is also a forgiving coffee roast as its taste remains constant with time. Different people have different flavor preferences, and you should choose the one you like. 

Things to consider when making espresso:

When making espresso, there a few factors that you must consider, no matter what: 

  • It is essential to ensure that you clean your portafilter more often to get a rich and creamier taste. 
  • Before inserting the filter to brew, distribute the coffee bean evenly for a uniform and rich taste. 
  • As soon as you brew espresso, you should serve it. The taste of espresso deteriorates as time goes by.  
  • Start brewing espresso as soon as you insert the portafilter. The coffee surface can burn if the machine overheats it, causing the coffee to taste extra bitter. 


For several decades, coffee has remained the cult favorite of many people all across the world. However, it is difficult to crack the formula of making the ideal cup of espresso. We tried making the process of making espresso simple by highlighting key factors that influence its taste. You can have a look at 5 steps how to make the perfect espresso. We hope you will never have to go to a coffee shop to buy yourself a well-brewed espresso because you can make it yourself.


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