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If New York loses enough population in Census count, will the 23rd District get split up?

State population numbers will likely be coming in a matter of days- if not weeks from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2020 count.

That could mean bad news for New York.

When full-counts are conducted- state representatives in Washington, D.C. are added or subtracted based on actual population figures.

While some forecasters expected New York to lose additional population- a trend that has been happening for years- it will likely also lose a Congressional seat.

If it comes to fruition, there will be a renewed push to re-draw districts. It could even force some lawmakers to reconsider whether they will consider serving- if their district significantly changes.

The state legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo ultimately control redistricting.

Since, Rep. Tom Reed announced that he would not seek re-election, many have said that the 23rd, which includes a large chunk of the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier, would be the easiest to divide up among surrounding representatives. While that might be the easiest solution on paper- it will be quite another to make happen- as rural parts of the region already feel under-represented in the Democrat-controlled Albany and D.C. governments.