Best CBD Buds: High-CBD Strains of 2021

Since the legalization of hemp, it has been quite difficult to miss these new strains. The demand has increased drastically, and the supply is trying as much as possible to catch up. In a bid to appeal to even more customers and to give them a diverse range to choose from, many producers are introducing new strains into the market. With quite outstanding names such as Bruce Banner and the Death star, it is impossible to miss these hemp strains. The substance has numerous benefits to the body and mind, and it is among the reasons that more people want to have it.

With the many options available to choose from, it can become difficult to settle on the best strain for you. Some are too strong and may result in a mental high rather than a body high. This detailed list will guide you through the buying process. You will get to know the important factors to consider when selecting the perfect strain for you. We have considered all factors in this list, and most of the options range from medium to high CBD strain percentages. This will give you a better range and help you determine where you lie in the strain spectrum. 

Top 10 Best High CBD Strains:

  • OG Kush – Best for Stress | Total CBD: 18.08%
  • John Snow CBG – Best for Focus & Creativity | Total CBD: 13.460%
  • Bubba Kush – Best for Sleep | Total CBD: 12.951%
  • Lifter – Best In Flavor | Total CBD: 18%
  • Mimosa CBG – Best Unique Flavor & Taste | Total CBD: 11.96%

The Selection Process

Finding good strains of hemp CBD flowers that are available in the market these days, takes a long time of proper research and experimentation. Many factors will go into determining whether a strain is a premium. These include its flavor, potency, user-friendliness, and most importantly, price. A premium strain should have the perfect blend of these features. It should be well balanced and deliver the experience its user is seeking. For a farmer to produce the right hemp strain, they should be well experienced in the matter. Many factors can affect how well a strain becomes. The farmer should always pay close attention to all their production factors since even a small imbalance in the pH of the soil could send the quality of a hemp flower down the drain. 

With all these factors affecting the overall quality of the hemp flower, we have made our list from hand-picked products. They have been tried and tested by several experienced users, all of whom have reported positive feedback. Here are some of the factors that we considered when putting this list together. 

1. User experience

Several people have tried the strains in this list, and they have all reported a great experience. Their properties are well balanced, and they deliver the exact type of high you want. They will not overwhelm your body or cause any unpleasant feelings of nausea. You can thus use them and remain as chill as ever. 

2. Benefits

Most CBD flower strains are not only meant for enjoyment purposes. They have additional benefits to the body and mind. Some will help people undertaking chemo treatment, while others are perfect for people with PTSD. In selecting these trains, we have included those that offer these benefits. It helps you get the most out of your strain. 

3. Pesticide-free

In selecting these strains, we have only included those planted in organic farms. Using pesticides on hemp flowers is not only dangerous to its users, but it also throws its taste off. By including only those planted sustainably, you are sure of getting a strain that will deliver the best experience and rich in organic matter from the soil. 

4. Curing techniques

The curing process will greatly determine the overall quality of a hemp flower strain. This is because it will affect the moisture content, which will, in turn, determine the quality. A fully cured strain will have as little moisture content as possible. If it gets too dry, you will lose its flavor. When too wet, it can easily develop molds and will get even worse. Finding the right balance is important to ensure you get value for your money.

5. Aroma and Potency

When using these products, their aroma is meant to relax the mind and make the entire process better and more appealing. In compiling this list, we have included only products that can produce a sweet aroma and those with unique and well-established terpene profiles. 

Top 10 High CBD Bud Strains [Full Reviews]

#1. Sour Space Candy – High-Quality & Editor’s Choice

Brand Overview

It is lab tested

Organically grown

CBD content of 20.66%


Hand trimmed

Strain Description

Sour space candy is one of the best and most exotic CBD strains on the market. Its unique flavor, coupled with its impressive terpene profile, makes it very appealing. The strain has a deep purple color merged with several others to create an aesthetically pleasing strain. It has a huge amount of resin in its buds that make it heavy and sticky. It has a strong scent of tropical plants and citrus that makes it very relaxing. These come out in the grinding process and become more apparent as you light it up.

The strain will give you a calm feeling that will drive away all your anxiety. Its effects will last for around four hours, making it perfect for nighttime use. 

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#2. OG Kush Best for Stress

Brand Overview

Organically grown

Intensely lab tested

CBD content of 18.08%

Relieves tension and nerve problems

Citrus taste with aromatic flavor

Strain Description

The popularity of this strain has mostly been driven by the growing music culture in the country. This strain offers a combination of impressive tastes that perfectly bring out this well-balanced product. When fully cured, the hemp flower has a dark green color and orange hues at its ends. It is sticky and produces dense smoke when ignited. Its great terpene profile makes it very relaxing and perfect for use before going to bed. 

It has a tropical lemon taste and an earthy aroma. They come out well after grinding or once you smoke or vape it. This strain is also preferred as it doesn’t produce any negative effects on the body, such as paranoia. The strain will give you a very relaxing calmness of the mind. 

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#3. Skywalker OGBest for Relaxation

Brand Overview

Organically farmed

Comes in a glass jar to preserve taste and aroma

Total CBD content of 20.94%

Comes from a premium CBD flower and has been lab-tested. 

Hand trimmed

Strain Description

This strain gets its name from a popular Star Wars character and is bound to give you an out-of-this-world experience. It is made from Skywalker and OG, giving it a distinct spicy and fruity flavor. It has thick and dense buds that produce a cloud of thick smoke. Its terpenes profile makes it perfect for relaxation and results in a calming effect. When using this strain, results come in about five minutes and will last for around three hours. It is perfect for smoking or vaping as the effects come faster this way. 

When preparing the buds, you get an earthy and fruity aromatic scent that is unique and refreshing. This strain is perfect for night use or done with all your activities due to its strong effects. 

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#4. Gorilla Glue Most Popular

Brand Overview

Has a total CBD content of 18.7%, making it a medium. 

It comes in a glass jar that keeps all the aromatic flavors in

Has been lab-tested by third parties and passed

Organically grown

No genetic modifications were used. 

Coffee and chocolate additions to the aroma

Strain Description

Just like the popular adhesive, this CDB strain will hold all your senses together and give you one of the best feelings. It is a new strain and has been well researched, and a majority of its users have had a great experience. The strain gets its name from its powerful and sticky buds. Once you smoke or vape the strain, you get a chocolate and coffee taste that makes it very tasty. It also has an earthy and pleasant aroma that is strong. Its smoke is smooth and light and won’t choke you as you use it. 

This strain is perfect for day use as it gives you a burst of energy that will get you going for several hours. Its effects take about five minutes to kick in and will last for around five hours. In this entire period, you will feel very energized. 

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#5. John Snow CBG Best for Focus & Creativity

Brand Overview

It has a total CBG content of 13.5%. 

The strain is non-GMO

It is organically farmed. 

It is locally sourced.

Perfect for daytime use. Gives you a burst of energy. 

Strain Description

This is one of the most popular strains and draws its name from one of the most beloved TV show characters. This name reflects its ability to give you unmatched mind and body strength. This makes the strain perfect for day use, just before undertaking long and tiresome activities. It has a strong and aromatic smell with earthy and tropical undertones. This strain will give you a mind high that will make you more productive, and at the end of the day, you would have achieved more.

The best way to use it is either smoking or vaping. These ways will release its flavor, aroma and activate its profile, releasing all the benefits it has to offer. Its high begins in about three minutes and will last for about three to four hours. You will feel invincible without the negative side effects such as red eyes or dry mouth in this period.

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#6. Northern Lights Best for Active Lifestyle

Brand Overview

Locally and sustainably grown

Doesn’t include any genetic modifications

Comes in a glass jar that keeps it fresh and aromatic. 

Hand trimmed

Offers therapeutic benefits

Strain Description

What makes this strain popular and appealing to many is its perceived mystical powers. They have been described as legendary, mostly due to their therapeutic effects on the mind. The Northern Lights comes from the Indica strain, one that has been used for centuries. This is also part of the reason some believe it contains mystical powers. If you have a demanding schedule or are experiencing a long and hectic day, this is the perfect strain for you. It will easily calm your nerves and quell your discomfort, giving you a therapeutic feeling. When perfectly cured, the strain has a dark green appearance, with some dashes of bright orange. It has a strong and aromatic smell that is spicy and sweet. It has an appealing earthy taste that will have you very relaxed. 

The strain can either be smoked or vaped as these are the best ways to release their properties. Once you use it, you will get around four hours of harmony and unmatched relaxation. If you are too busy to take a therapy session, this is the perfect strain for you. 

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#7. Bubba Kush Best for Sleep

Brand Overview

The product has a total CBD of 12.9%

It comes in a glass jar that keeps it safe and aromatic. 

Sold in buds for you to grind your right amounts. 

Farmed organically

Has medicinal benefits to the user

Locally sourced

Strain Description

This is one of the most popular strains and has been legalized in many parts owing to its benefits. It is also a part of the Indica strain, a strain used for a long time, and its benefits have been enjoyed for decades. When perfectly cured, the strain has a green and purple look that sets it apart from others. It makes it appealing and adds a soft and pleasing scent. This strain comes from a combination of several different strains, giving it an overall great effect. It has an impressive terpene profile that gives it its unique flavor and aroma. When ignited, it releases a light smoke that has a lemon and peppery feel. 

One of the best features of this strain is its instantaneous effect when consumed. It results in a sedative effect and unmatched relaxation. This makes it perfect for night use or after a long and stressful day. 

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#8. Lifter Best In Flavor

Brand Overview

A wide terpene profile makes it very effective. 

Locally sourced

Has a total CBD of 18%


Organically grown under well-monitored conditions

Sold in buds for self-grinding

Strain Description

Lifter is one of the most popular and aromatic strains available. It is a cross of Early resin bud and Suver haze. It has a pleasant sweet and sour smell that makes it very memorable. Its rich and light smoke will not choke you as you use it and adds to its overall aroma profile. It has a lemon zest and redwood taste that makes it stand out among other market strains. This strain’s main purpose is to help you gather your thoughts together and make you more relaxed and focused. It gives you an unmatched inner peace. When fully cured, the buds have a signature green and brown color that sets them apart. They are also light, ensuring they release their aroma and properties more efficiently. 

Its vibrant terpene profile lets it release all its beneficial effects to the body and makes it soothing and fruity. When using the strain, it Is advisable to only grind the amount you will use to ensure aroma and flavor are well preserved. It has an earthy taste that makes it pleasant to your taste buds. When used, you won’t experience negative effects such as paranoia. Its effects will start kicking in after around five minutes and will last for close to five hours. It is best smoked.

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#9. Hawaiian Haze – Best for Daily Revitalization

Brand Overview

Locally sourced

Hand trimmed

Grown naturally

Comes in a glass jar to preserve its flavors and aroma. 

Lab-tested and passed. 

A total CBD of 18%

Great for social events

Strain Description

The Hawaiian Haze gets its name from its believed roots. It is said to have been grown in volcanic soil, and that is where it drew its signature earthy taste and perceived benefits to the body. When cured, the strain has an appealing light green color and produces a smooth aroma. This is the perfect strain for social events as it doesn’t produce a cloud of thick smoke. It remains subtle and releases a vibrant glow in everyone. It has a good terpenes profile that makes it taste fruity and gives it its relaxing properties. They are uniquely blended to create the perfect balance. 

The best and fastest way to use the strain is through smoking or vaping. Once inhaled, you will feel its effects in about five minutes, and they will last for about four hours. In this time, you will have an energized feeling and a robust feeling of power. It lets you go around your day in a happy mood and very refreshed. This is a perfect strain for day use. 

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#10. Mimosa CBG – Best Unique Flavor & Taste

Brand Overview

Organically grown

Hand trimmed and accurately cut buds

Has a premium and unique aroma

A total CBG of 11.96%

Locally grown

Perfect for day use

Strain Description

This strain has a flavorful and appealing scent that gives it an impressive profile. It draws its name from a popular cocktail, and just like it, it is very popular and delivers a great experience. The product is perfect for day usage as it gives you an energy boost that will get you through your day. Its orange taste leaves a sweet and appealing taste on your mouth. After using this strain, you are guaranteed the best experience and a warm, lovely day. 

The best way to use the strain is either smoking or vaping. Some users also prefer sniffing the hemp flower. Its effects will become apparent in about two minutes after you begin using. The high will last for around three hours, and in this period, you will feel very energized. It is perfect for day use and when you have a hectic schedule coming. 

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Buying Guide on CBD Buds for Beginners:

When purchasing a CBD strain, many factors come into consideration. These will influence the type of substance you get and its effects on your body. One of the most important factors to consider is your daily schedule. It will greatly affect your decision as different strains will have different effects on your body. 

You don’t want to get energy-giving and activating strain just before bed as it will keep you awake all night. In case you have a lot of things to do during the day, you don’t want a strain that will have you relaxed or knocked out as it will interfere greatly with your performance. Thus, it is vital to first look at your obligations and schedules before settling on the type to purchase. 

Another factor to consider is your diet. If you mostly take a light diet, it is vital that you also use a low CBD percentage strain. Getting a strong one might have many undesired effects such as over relaxation or even passing out in some cases. Thus, you should look closely at all the factors and how they are likely to react with the strain before making your decision. You can also consult your seller. 

There are several ways to use hemp flowers. Some of the most common are smoking or vaping. When smoking, the hemp is rolled into a special paper called a rizla paper. The process requires keen attention to detail and proper measuring to ensure you get the right amount that won’t result in the paper opening up. You can also ask for pre-rolls from your supplier to save you all this hassle. 

You can smoke it as it is or via a pipe or a water bong. Smoking and vaping are the most convenient ways, and thus many people use it this way. You can also load the loaded strain into a vaporizer. Some prefer this method as it brings out all the sweet aroma and pleasant effects of the strain. 

FAQs About High-CBD Strains:

Q. Is it legal to use CBD strains?

Before using any CBD strain, one of the most important and common questions many people have is whether it is legal. This is an important concern to have to owe to the harsh penalties that were put in place during the war against drugs. No one wants to be on the receiving end of them, so people would want to know. It is legal to use CBD strains in all states in the country. It became legal in 2018 after the Farm Bill was passed. It created a difference between hemp and marijuana. If a plant has 0.3 THC or lower, it is considered hemp and is legal. When it is higher, it is marijuana, whose legality is yet to be passed in all states. 

If the plant qualifies as hemp, you can smoke It without having to worry about getting arrested. Since these limits are very precise, a farmer can easily miss them. To ensure you get the right products, ensure you purchase your strains from a reputable dealer. They should have their flowers regularly tested to ensure they adhere to these set guidelines. When buying online, it is also important to buy from a licensed seller and one who tests their flowers often. 

Q. Will I pass my drug tests?

This is a common question, and the simplest answer is no. Once you take any CBD strain, you will fail your drug tests. Since most of these tests look into the substance, it will be detected. You, however, don’t have to worry about this. Since hemp is legal in all states, its presence in your body should be treated just like any other legal drug. In case you are about to take a drug test, and your employer or work regulations require you to pass a drug test, you must avoid hemp. 

Q. Are there any side effects of using CBD strains?

How the substance reacts with your body is subject to many factors. Many determinants such as meals and body chemistry will play a huge role. Some of the negative effects you can experience include red eyes, stomach upsets, nausea, and dry mouth. There are also munchies, which is not necessarily a negative effect.

Q. How do I select the best strain for me?

Since there are many strain options to choose from, one can find themselves spoilt for choice. If you are a beginner and haven’t yet known what is perfect for you, it is better to purchase from a seller that offers bundle options. Here, you get several strains in small amounts, and you can try all of them. It will help you determine how each strain affects you, its negative and positive effects, and thus you can determine which is the best to get. 

Q. Are there any benefits to using these strains?

The benefits of CBD strains vary as they all have different properties. Some of these benefits include;

  • Relaxation: Most of the strains will help you relax owing to their different properties and great aromas. It thus offers you the most convenient way to relax. 
  • It will help with your mood: After a long day, you are bound to be tired and moody. With the right CBD strain, all your worries will wash away, and you will become as relaxed as ever. It will help you unwind better and more effectively. 
  • Pain relief: Many people who use these strains prefer them as the perfect means of pain relief. They are more natural, offer better results, and aren’t as addictive as some pain killers. You can consult your physician on the best strain for your pain. 
  • Increased activity: Some strains will offer the best day boosters for you. They are packed with beneficial elements that will make you active and increase your productivity. You can thus get the most from the minimal time you might have to deliver certain results. 

In Conclusion: Which High CBD Strain Should You Go For?

In the end, one of the best ways to select the best high CBD strains is to experiment on a few strains and examine how each strain responds. High CBD strains may help you get relief from seizures, inflammation, pain, and anxiety.

All the strains mentioned in this article are of the highest quality and offer satisfactory results. However, our vote goes to Sour Space Candy and OG Kush as they are one of the best and most exotic strains on the market. Before buying these products, you should always look for the test results and labels which are available on the product’s website.

It is crucial to consult your doctor first if you want to try CBD strain, especially if you are currently on any medication or have a health condition.