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Pharmacies selling at-home COVID-19 tests now

Pharmacies like Walgreens, CVS, and even Walmart are starting to sell at-home COVID tests.

It shows how far medical technology has come during the pandemic.

The kits utilize a cotton swab and test tube. Some of them even have an overnight shipping label, which allows it to be sent quickly.

Other tests utilize a ‘do it yourself’ element, which connects to an app on your phone to deliver results.

Rochester Regional Health infectious disease expert Dr. Emil Lesho tells 13WHAM that the tests have some use, but are not perfect. “Maybe if you’re planning a trip to see grandparents or something right, and you can’t get an appointment for a test for a couple of days. I think, you know, then, some test is better than no test,” he explained.

That said, the test results need to be reported to the health department to be truly effective in the public health sense. And testing at official facilities is still a better option than testing at home, according to health experts.

The tests range in price at all stores where available.

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