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How long do COVID vaccines protect you?

How long does protection from COVID-19 last if you’ve received a vaccine?

That’s a question experts are still weighing and learning about, but some insights are being gained.

“We only have information for as long as the vaccines have been studied,” said Deborah Fuller, a vaccine researcher at the University of Washington. “We have to study the vaccinated population and start to see, at what point do people become vulnerable again to the virus?”

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The current data tells us that Pfizer’s two-dose vaccine is effect for at least six months. Those who received the Moderna vaccine are also likely protected for at least six months, according to experts. Some indications suggest that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine runs in a similar timeline. However, that vaccine is currently off the market due to an exceptionally rare blood clotting issue in a segment of the population.

Variants may require a booster in the future. In general, another round of shots is likely to be necessary similar to the flu shot.